Saturday, August 22, 2009

"Knuckle Down" means to apply oneself earnestly to a task. Students often knuckle down to finish homework assignments while people in a poor economy must knuckle down to make ends meet.

During World War II, people were told to knuckle down and they did so by saving scraps, collecting grease, reusing items, growing vegetables in Victory Gardens, mending clothes, and making do any way they could. Women shopped with ration book stamps and were not allowed to shop for food or gas without them. This was a time before easy credit, plastic cards, or ATM machines. All resources and energy went into the war effort. There was no choice but to knuckle down.

Knuckle down is also a term used in the game of marbles. One way to shoot is to knuckle down, a technique most competitions demand. As a beginner, it's easier not to knuckle down, but serious marbles means learning how. One knuckle must remain on the ground while shooting. Place your shooter marble on your second knuckle of your forefinger. Curl that forefinger around the shooter, place your thumb behind the marble and flick it toward your target.

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