Sunday, August 23, 2009

As the author of this book, I had to knuckle down to do the research on World War II, the game of marbles, the sinking of the SS PETER SILVESTER, the forties and the homefront. This was a more innocent time and place. While suspicion ran high about neighbors down the street, no one thought of locking the front door.

Life in 1945 was quite different. It was a simpler time and place and we were fighting "the great war" under President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Everyone, even children, were part of the war effort. Mothers went to work in the aircraft factories and took over the jobs men on the front left behind. Retired teachers took over the classrooms of their younger colleagues who had gone to war. Children collected scraps, saving tinfoil, string, and old tires and newspapers. Everyone had a job to do.

Families saved in many ways, mending socks instead of buying new; growing vegetables in the backyard; walking instead of driving. How Much things cost in 1945. A new house cost about $4.600.00. Rent was $60/month. The year's average wage was $2,400.00. A new car cost $1,020.00. Gas sold for 15 cents/gallon. Two cents could buy a glass of lemonade.

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